The Druk Amitabha Kung Fu Nuns: Combining Martial Arts and Meditation : Dharma Eye : Mingkok : Buddhistdoor

Published November 17, 2014 by patriciasnodgrass

The Druk Amitabha Kung Fu Nuns: Combining Martial Arts and Meditation : Dharma Eye : Mingkok : Buddhistdoor.

I’ve read about these remarkable ladies before, and I am even more intrigued. I have dabbled a little with martial arts, but I have always wanted to make it a routine part of my daily practice.

When You Start Comparing Yourself To Other Writers

Published November 12, 2014 by patriciasnodgrass

Originally posted on Carly Watters, Literary Agent:

dontcompareThe reality of pursuing anything you’re super passionate about is the jealousy that can pervade you. Writing is no exception.

When you start comparing yourself to other writers, their books or book deals you’re going down a dark path. Here are my tips to avoid jealousy when it creeps in.


1. Remember they started somewhere too. You might be seeing them at a different point in their career. I love this quote from Jon Acuff because it’s SO TRUE. If you’re at the beginning and you are comparing yourself to someone in the middle of their career–there is no comparison! Apples and oranges.

2. It should spur you on to think ‘If they can do it, so can I!’ Don’t let jealousy stop you from trying. When you see other writers getting deals it shouldn’t make you think ‘Why them and not me!’ It…

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New Stuff

Published October 25, 2014 by patriciasnodgrass

I added an interesting new article on the Houston UFO. It seems to be getting around a lot. It has been recently spotted in both Hong Kong and Singapore. Take a look.

There are cryptozoologists at the Fouke Monster Festival in Fouke Arkansas. I wanted to go up and interview them for the blog but circumstances wouldn’t allow it for now. There have been sitings of an unusual flying creature killing livestock in the Texarkana area but whenever I try to get more information people clam up. Strange. I hope someone would be willing to come forward, even anonymously and let me talk to them.  If you are in the area and want to go you can find more info here.

Regional bigfoot researchers, authors, and television personalities will be doing presentations in the Community Center (East Red Cut Road). Speakers will include Lyle Blackburn, Ken Gerhard, Marvin Leeper, Larry Parks and Jim Whitehead, Robert Swain, and Craig Woolheater. There is a single $10 fee to attend all speaker presentations.

Finally, for Sci Fi Saturday I offer you Three Classics: Day of the Triffids, The Undying Monster and The House on Haunted Hill, the black and white version, of course. You will find these films under the Sci Fi Saturday tab or you can go to my facebook place The Only Buddhist in Town.


Flying Saucer / Ring of Lights Traveling Around World?  – Texas UFO Sightings

Published October 25, 2014 by patriciasnodgrass

Flying Saucer / Ring of Lights Traveling Around World?  – Texas UFO Sightings.

This is a fascinating account in regard to  the August 11th UFO seen in Houston, Texas. Apparently this particular siting wasn’t just limited to Texas, but was spotted in Hong Kong and Singapore as well. Take a look and see for yourself.

Dont ignore the tabs!

Published October 23, 2014 by patriciasnodgrass

I am constantly updating and adding new and interesting things to the blog site, and a lot of that information goes into the tabs sections which I am doing my best to upgrade. I try my best to post interesting and fun things on this blog as well as a healthy dollop of Dharma teachings. You can find even more things on my facebook page, also entitled The Only Buddhist in Town.

Haunting at the Simmons Farm

Published October 21, 2014 by patriciasnodgrass

My dear friend, Kimberly Simmons, whom I have known for over ten years now, sent me two pictures of what appears to be a mist that morphs into an orb.They are fascinating pictures and the more I look at them the more I wonder what it is I am looking at.


As you can see it appears as a small mist like object in front of the treeline. The greenness of it made me think it was a lens flare , but the more I looked at it the more I see that the mist has a glow all of its own, and the fact that it is spreading on the ground is most curious.


In the second picture, the mist has become and orb. I am not usually impressed by orbs, because they can be anything from a bug to a particle of dust, but again, this orb is intriguing because it not only shows that it has an inner glow, but it has risen and traveled towards the photographer.

Kimberly told me that she did not see anything in the viewer before taking the picture, and that she took numerous photos that day, and these are the only two that show the anomaly. I am curious that her horse Jester seems unperturbed by the event. Either he doesn’t sense it or doesn’t care.

Kimberly tells me that her farm is quite haunted.She and her family have seen shadows, heard voices and the area is frequently struck by lightening. She says the farm and house is very peaceful and content. So whatever spirits are residing with them seem to be quite happy.

The Trouble With Forgiveness

Published October 21, 2014 by patriciasnodgrass

Many years ago, when I was a young Christian fundamentalist, I huddled beside my bed every night and uttered sorrowful prayers for forgiveness. I prayed for strength so I could forgive the school bullies who made my life a living hell. I prayed to God to forgive my sins, and one one night after a particularly awful, highly misogynistic sermon about the sins of “Eve” (even alleging that women did not have souls because God breathed the breath of life in Adam but not into Eve but that’s another story entirely)

I knelt down for my nightly prayers and begged God to forgive me for being born a girl.

I stopped in mid prayer and thought. Wait. There is certainly nothing wrong with being a girl, because without girls there would be no boys! It was that night decades ago, when I cast doubt on a great many things in regards to Christian theology. It didn’t take long for my faith in the “Church” to unravel. As did my belief in forgiveness.

I thought about it like this:

My tormentors never spent one our of lost sleep feeling guilty about what they did to me and to others. They felt highly justified in the torment they inflicted. They did not–or could not–care less as to whether or not I forgave them or not.

So forgiveness wasn’t for them. So what was it for?

I thought about this deeply, even in my young mind I knew that forgiveness was something you did to ease  the guilt you feel for not retaliating. For not ‘getting them back,’ or ‘paying them back.’ In fact, forgiveness seemed to denote a lack of courage.

Decades later, when I asked Lama Jigme about the subject. He told me that forgiveness was the term used by accountants to clear a debt. In other words, forgiveness suggests that you owe a person who harmed you a ‘debt’ to ‘settle the score’ to ‘pay the offending party back.” to make them pay.’  None of these things are palpable, nor are they necessary.

Bearing a grudge is like carrying a tow-sack full of shit on your back. Its disgusting to carry and it offends everyone around you. And forgiveness is a poor way of laying that burden down.

Because, as I pointed out earlier, the person who harmed you most likely will never lose a minute’s sleep over it. Approach them years from now and ask them and they’ll probably tell you they had forgotten all about it. The reason for this is because they are not the same person who harmed you. And you are no longer the person that was harmed.


If I do as Buddha suggested in the sutta mentioned in the link above, and sit on the banks of a great river.(The Red River in this instance because the Ganges is too far away) I can see the the river changes on minute to minute basis. The sandbar that appeared in the morning could be washed away by noon. Trees and other flotsam that became lodged will float away by the changing current. If I sit and watch for a season, I can see that the river will crouch low in its banks, so low that I can see catfish wallowing in the muddy shallows. Later, when the monsoons arrive, the river will rise from its banks and spill onto the fertile farmland nearby. The river changes, just as we do.

If I look into the mirror, I can see that I am not the half awake swollen eyed creature with bushy tangled hair that I was an hour before getting dressed. If I look into a photo album, I can see I am not the same person I was a year a go, or two or even ten years ago. I changed physically, spiritually and mentally. Just like the river.changes so did I.  And you change too, as do your perceived enemies. We are not the people we were.

Therefore, there is no reason to harbor a grudge against someone who insulted you ten years ago, or even last night. Because  the people you were then no longer exist.


Does this mean you need to embrace the person who harmed you and claim them as your bestest best friend? No.

It does mean that you can let go of the awful thing done to you and leave it in the past. It also means you are free to not associate with the person who abused you. You can let them go, and the sooner the better.

Put all your ‘yea but’s aside. Put your guilt away, don’t buy into the contrivance of forgiveness.

You are free. You can let go now.. All you have to do is stop grasping.


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