▶ MSNBC News: 1942 U.F.O. The Battle of Los Angeles – YouTube

▶ MSNBC News: 1942 U.F.O. The Battle of Los Angeles – YouTube.

Here’s a peculiar story about a UFO sighting that happened over Los Angeles in 1942. The Army initially shot at this thing, but later stated that what they actually saw was a weather balloon. Yes they SHOT at this thing with over1500 rounds of shrapnel and couldn’t bring down a weather balloon? Really?


▶ THE AMAZING UFO BATTLE OVER NUREMBERG GERMANY 1561 HD – YouTube.  Here’s another account of what could be a UFO battle over Nuremberg Germany. The local news ‘paper’ reported it, wood carvings were made of it. People who witnessed the battle could tell who was winning. And btw: the broadsheet still exists. There was another event that occurred in Switzerland.

▶ UFO Battle Over Nuremberg Germany in 1561:Medieval Woodcut Shows – YouTube

▶ UFO Battle Over Nuremberg Germany in 1561:Medieval Woodcut Shows – YouTube

This is a well documented woodcut from nuremberg Germany depicting what appears to be a battle between two types of UFO’s. Many people witnessed this event in the early morning hours and was the subject of much speculation. It is also said that many humans died from this as well.

Captain Sunshine is NOT here to Instruct you.

In the commentary Heart Treasure of the Enlightened ones, Patrul Rinpoche mentions a curious encounter with his teacher, Do Khyentse Yeshe Dorje.

DO Khyentse Yeshe Dorje was the mind incarnation of Rigdzen Jigme Lingpa. He had been naturally clairvoyant from an early age and worked countless Miracles.  Patrul Rinpoche felt strong devotion toward this unconventional master whom he perceived as the Buddha in person. One day when Do Khyentze was in Dzachu, he saw Patrul passing nearby and said “Hay, Palge, come over here, or do you dare?” As soon as Patrul drew near, Do Khyentse grabbed him by the hair knocked him to the ground and dragged him around in the dirt.  Patrul could tell that his teacher had been drinking heavily as he reeked of beer. “Could even a great realized master get drunk and behave in such an incoherent manner? Patrul wondered.

Just then the Buddhas warning on the affects of alcohol came to mind.

At that moment, Do Khyentse let go of Patrul and glared at him. He insulted his student, spat in his face, and gave him the Tibetan version of the ‘bird.’

He walked away, leaving his student stunned, sitting in the dirt.

An ordinary student would have lost their minds. An ordinary student would have been outraged. How dare he do such a terrible thing? How could he abuse me in such a terrible way?

Patrul Rinpoche was not an average student. He understood instantly that his Rinpoche was acting purely out of compassion. He was also aware that his teacher was highly clairvoyant and probably foresaw something  Patrul himself could not. 

As Patrul sat in the dirt, letting the memory of the incident flow through him, he realized how deluded he had been in his own thinking, and that those deluded thoughts were so dangerous he needed to do something, and quickly. Patrul Rinpoche  immediately went into his practice, not condemning his teacher or feeling sorry for himself, but really meditating on what happened, and when he did so, he understood that this was not just a random beat down by a drunken teacher. It was instead, a powerful teaching that sent his mind toward the final stages of enlightenment.

As a teacher, could I be as fierce and as wrathful as Do Khyentse? Could I smack someone who desperately needed it? Probably not. I don’t want to hurt anyone. I want to sit in a radiant glow and just love everybody.  Yeah, yeah, I know.

I certainly don’t want to be violent. But I do see the need to act out of compassion, even if it means saying things to a student he or she may not want to hear. I know that I cannot be an effective teacher if all I do is blow sunshine up someone’s shirt. No. I will have to be firm. I will have to speak with authority.

And every now and then, if the situation calls for it, I’ll have to (metaphorically) smack a bitch if I have to.

If I happened upon a burning house and knew that someone was sleeping inside, what would I do? Would I stand there and chant prayers? would I rush into the sleeping person’s room and gently nudge them awake? No. I’d scream, probably smack her around, grab her by the hair and chunk her out the nearest convenient window.

Sure she’d be bruised, and singed a bit. Maybe smoking a little. But she’d be ALIVE and