▶ Inside the Hotel Grim 2014 – Better Block Texarkana – YouTube

I can’t tell you how much I love this old building. In the early 1938′s The Grim was the epitome of style and culture. Sadly, as interest in downtown waned in favor of malls and fast food restaurants with their burger in a casket menus, old beauties like the Grim was allowed to fall into ruin. But no longer. An intrepid band of folks from Texarkana is wanting to bring the Grim back to life. And I am so, so, so excited by this. We do have a lovely old Downtown. We should take greater pride in our history by not only restoring it but by putting it to good use as well. Let’s bring back our down town!



▶ Inside the Hotel Grim 2014 – Better Block Texarkana – YouTube.

This Is Mind Blowing! Look What Happens When An Elephant Looks In The Mirror! | PetFlow Blog – The most interesting news for pet parents around the world.

This is brilliant. Elephants can think about what other elephants are thinking, AND they have the basic capacity for understanding religion.


This Is Mind Blowing! Look What Happens When An Elephant Looks In The Mirror! | PetFlow Blog – The most interesting news for pet parents around the world..



So, you are disappointed

in my not living up to your unrealistic ideal

of the person you fabricated

around a myth,

ignoring the kernel

of truth, that you buried

beneath your own ideal.

The perfectionistic mechanisms that

created me in the image that YOU desired;

and yet you are shocked.

you are disillusioned by

my failure to achieve

This ideal of ‘self’

that no one could live up to

and yet demand of me.

You in your own delusion, have created

a false god.

And yet you are so surprised

when you encounter any perceived weakness


your delusions of me fall like a sand castle

when the tide comes in.

I am NOT your perception of me.


Life in Lydia, Texas. A Hornet Story.

I was sitting next to the patio table this morning, waiting on the bus to pick John up to take him to the store when I was smacked hard in the head by a swiftly moving object. The force was hard enough to nearly knock me out of my seat and the first thing I thought was that I must have been hit by a hornet.

It wasn’t. It was a bumblebee that, for some unknown reason, smacked me and then staggered off.

I suspect it was drunk.

Bumblebees are harmless, or it’s been my personal experience that they are harmless. As a brat, I’d smack them out of the air with a tennis racket so they’d hit the ground and I could get a good look at them. I suspect that the bumblebee in question might have been either a distant relative or the reincarnation of one of the bees I smacked in my youth, spotted me and thought, there’s the bitch. WHAM!!

Anyway, the bumblebee in question bumbled off to take care of whatever business it had, and I was just grateful that it wasn’t a hornet doing a drive by.

Bumblebees, as I said, at least to my personal experience, are relatively harmless. Hornets, on the other hand, are rage incarnate. They will come to kick your ass. And they’ll not only come to kick your ass, they will bring their whole hive to do so.

Case in point: Many years ago my step brother went hunting. He accidentally shot a hornet’s nest. Now, you’ve probably heard stories about hornets being able to retrace the trajectory of a bullet and find the hunter and promptly fuck him up. If that’s an urban legend, I don’t know. All I know is that Phil shot a hornet’s nest.And the hornets not only came after him, they knocked on doors to every other hive they could find, and before he knew it, a bazillion of the bastards were bearing down on him.

Now what do you do when the only thing between you and a cloud of angry hornets is a shotgun and a knotheaded blue tick hound with the IQ of a turnip? Getting into the truck wasn’t an option. Even if he made it in time, the hornets don’t give a shit. They’ll get in. They’ll assault the windows, beat on the hood, they’ll climb in through the vents and there you’d be stuck in a pickup with your gun and your idiot dog getting your ass kicked by a cloud of angry hornets from hell.

Climbing the nearest tree won’t do much good either. For one, the nearest tree is the one that had the hornet’s nest hanging from it, and as we all know, those suckers can fly.

And they’re coming to kick your ass.

The only other option and one that’s nearby is the pond. So that’s where Phil and the dog, once he realized that his life was in imminent danger, took off.

Phil tossed the gun and hobbled (yeah I forgot to mention he had an injured knee and was in a cast) as fast as he could go towards the pond. He stumbled into the water, the dog too, and Phil had to hide underwater until the hornets, in their fury, got bored and left.

The dog was no worse for wear. He didn’t get stung. He crawled up onto the bank and tended to his nuts as Phil staggered, sans cast which had dissolved while he was soaking in the pond up onto the bank.

Why didn’t the dog get stung? After all, his head and shoulders were above the water the whole time the hornets were attacking.


He wasn’t the one who fired the shot.


The Perfect Retreat



One of the great things about being the only Buddhist in town is that nobody bothers us. Every spring and fall the Jehovah’s Witness and the Mormons come along with with tree pollen and erratic weather. And even though our town does have an annual March for Jesus parade We are neither privy to it, nor harassed to attend. Once, when we had a working car, John and I would go to Hot Springs Arkansas for the day, but since we can’t we simply don’t walk downtown on that day.

I really don’t care about this, it neither breaks my leg, nor does it pick my pocket, so if they want to celebrate Jesus, then they can happily ‘knock themselves out.’ As long as they don’t beat down my door and demand I attend, it’s all good as far as I’m concerned.

Some of the things that I do enjoy about living here is that we do live in a very rural portion of the vast green expanse. I call it this because my area is composed of around 70 million acres of woodland, swamps, marshes and other wetlands. And I do enjoy getting up in the morning, blessed by a brilliant dawn sky, and golden sunlight filtering through the pines. I love the fresh crisp air and I love the wildlife that is indigenous to the area. There are a multitude of songbirds as well as predatory birds like Cooper hawks and Red Tailed Hawks. We have deer, and foxes–both red foxes and silver–and we even have a mountain lion or two. The landscape is pastoral and peaceful, with cattle and horses grazing happily knee deep in coastal Bermuda grasses and alfalfa.


We are within walking distance of down town, and whenever I am having a day where I feel comfortable enough to move outside my territory, John and I walk downtown to the local Chinese restaurant and eat there. Mr. Yng’s restaurant is one of my ‘safe’ places where I can go and eat without having a panic attack.

And on afternoons when it’s warm enough, I can sit underneath the great elm tree next to the house and meditate. I’ve done this for quite a while and nobody has ever bothered me. I’m still not comfortable with the idea of putting my big Buddha statue outside, even though there is a shop downtown that sports a large pink Hotei. It still feels unsafe to do for now. I could be wrong, but my instincts tell me otherwise.

So, in this aspect, living here does make it a great retreat site for me. And although I still long to move somewhere else, I am content enough to remain here for now.